2020 Spring CEU

Due to the evolving situation around the corona virus (COVID-19) we have decided to postpone our March 21, 2020 event until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, but please look for our rescheduled event in the future. 

Course Description:

The Power of Choice: Drive Wheel Configuration, Power Positioning & Specialty Controls (6Hrs/0.6CEUs/6.0CECs)

Target Audience: Quantum employees, Licensed/Certified Medical Professional (PT/OT, Nurse, Physician) and Rehab Professional (ATP, SMS, CRTS)
Course Materials/Equipment:  Any course materials/equipment will be provided to you onsite.

Choosing the correct wheelchair configuration is critical to maximize independence and improve quality of life for end users. Drive wheel configuration, power positioning and input device selection all heavily influence if the power wheelchair will meet the end user’s demands. Many things influence the needs of the individual such as health, function, environment, employment, hone and school needs. This course will provide the participant with the information to consider during the evaluation process through a lecture, hands-on and case study approach.

Learning Objectives:
The participant will be able to list 3 functional benefits that each power wheelchair drive wheel configuration offers to wheelchair users.
The participant will be able to name 3 medical benefits that tilt and recline offer to the wheelchair users.
The participants will be able to list 2 specialty wheelchair controls discussed during the class.

Instructor: JB Radabaugh, CTRS, ATP/SMS




Registration begins at 8:00 AM
Class starts at 9:00 AM – 4:00 P.M.
BREAKFAST AND LUNCH will be provided

Cost: $45

Last Day to Sign-up is 3/16/2020


Crowne Plaza Independence
5300 Rockside Rd
Independence, OH 44131