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Ki Mobility

Ki Mobility Catalyst


Ki Mobility's flagship product, the Catalyst 5 has since redefined the ultra-lightweight folding market by raising the bar in weight, performance, durability and functionality. Weighing in at 20.8 lbs. and constructed from ultra-lightweight 7000 series aluminum, the Catalyst 5 is arguably the best choice in high-performance folding wheelchairs.

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Ki Mobility Focus CR

Focus CR

The Ki Mobility Focus CR uses an innovative rotation mechanism that is easy to adjust, safe and compact. The Focus utilises two different centres of rotation to minimise the problems that result from misalignment between the centre of gravity and a single rotation point. This method also allows for up to 50° of tilt and excellent seat height options.

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Ki Mobility Liberty FT

Liberty FT

Finally, one wheelchair that offers true portability, enables independent propulsion and provides the benefits of tilt-in-space!

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Ki Mobility Rogue


The Rogue experience introduces you to state-of-the-art design innovation that lends itself to the highest level of responsiveness and rigidity than has ever been felt before. You will be riveted by the level of responsiveness and precision handling felt with every turn, with every push. Quality construction and finite adjustment ensures that it can fit the needs and ambitions of the person using it. At 10.6lbs Rogue moves with you around every corner and across every street with minimal effort.

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