Wheelchair Accessible Van Sweepstakes

NPL Home Medical has been providing mobility products to our customers for over 25 years. During this time, we have had the good fortune of helping thousands of people enjoy mobility within their homes and for many, their surrounding communities as well.

In many cases however, vehicular transportation is something we can do little about. It is all too commonplace for people with disabilities and/or their families to struggle to afford a wheelchair van.  Travelling to see family, getting to a job, going shopping, or even getting to a doctor’s appointment is a luxury that many take for granted.

To do our part, NPL Home Medical Equipment will once again be giving away a Wheelchair Accessible Van to a deserving individual or family!

Before submitting an entry, please review the official sweepstakes rules located here.  By submitting an entry, you expressly agree to the terms of the official rules.

How to Enter:

In light of the novel coronavirus challenges we are all facing, we are postponing The Sweepstakes until further notice.  The Sweepstakes will accept entries between January 10, 2020 (the “Sweepstakes Start Date”), and a date to be determined and communicated post coronavirus pandemic (the “Sweepstakes End Date) collectively referred to as the “Sweepstakes Period”.  Please check back frequently to get updates on The Sweepstakes.  In the meantime, we will continue to accept entries.

We will accept entries starting January 10, 2020 (the “Sweepstakes Start Date”) and will continue until such time as NPL determines (the “Sweepstakes End Date) collectively referred to as the “Sweepstakes Period”  You may enter the sweepstakes by filling out the form below.  You may only nominate a third party that has expressly authorized you to nominate them for the sweepstakes and has agreed to the terms of the official sweepstakes rules.

Eligible nominees must: have mobility limitations that require a wheelchair accessible vehicle for transportation and be a resident of the State of Ohio. NPL may refuse to award the prize to a nominee that has provided incorrect or misleading information regarding their eligibility.

One entry per nominee.  Additional entries received will be discarded.  No purchase is necessary to enter.

The Sweepstakes is open only to legal permanent residents of the State of Ohio: who are 18 years of age or older or the age of majority in their state of residence.  Additional exclusions in Official Rules.

After reviewing the official sweepstake rules,  please submit your nominations here.

How to Win:

One winner will be selected in a random drawing once the Sweepstakes resumes.   Winners are subject to eligibility requirements in official rules.

Your odds of winning vary depending on the number of entries received.  A purchase will not improve your chances of winning.

What you Win:

A lightly used Wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Please see official rules for full prize details.

Winners will be notified by email or telephone and announced on this website once the Sweepstakes resume.

Good luck!


Questions? Send them to NPL@NPLHomeMedical.com.

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