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We're proud to support continuing education for healthcare professionals in Ohio.

Virtual On-Demand CEUs

We’re offering a selection of ‘on-demand’ CEUs with recordings from previous live CEUs including:

  • Justify it! Ohio Medicaid CMN for Wheelchairs (2hr)

  • How Do You Gauge a Client’s Readiness for Independent Safe Use of a Power Wheelchair with Alternative Drive Controls? (1.5hrs)

  • Clinically Speaking: Evaluation and Documentation for Power Tilt, Power Recline and Power Leg Elevation Systems 

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Getting access to our selection of on-demand CEUs is easy: when you schedule an In-Service with a member of the NPL team, we’ll provide access to your facility team members. 

Get in touch below to arrange your In-Service visit. 

Call or email and mention ‘In Service’


Phone: (440) 365-8581

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