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How to Travel with a Wheelchair in Ohio

The great state of Ohio offers no end of activities and events for residents and visitors alike.

If you're travelling with a wheelchair in Ohio, make sure to reference our helpful list below to make the most of your trip.

Ohio Wheelchair Travel

Plan your route

Planning your trip well ahead of time is likely to help you avoid any issues that could crop up.

For example, no one likes traffic but certain health conditions make waiting for hours in a queue extremely difficult.

As well as looking up your route in advance on Google Maps or Waze to spot potential roadworks, you should research the best time of the day to travel.

Next, make sure your journey includes accessible stops. Check the Ohio government's list here.

If you're traveling to Ohio via Cleveland Airport or Columbus Airport, make sure to phone your airline well in advance to request wheelchair assistance.

Stay where you want

While most hotels that comply with ADA Guidelines offer great accessibility for wheelchair users, you may wish to save money or enjoy greater flexibility in location by booking with AirBnB.

While many private residences are not wheelchair accessible, AirBnB also plays host to thousands of purpose-built sites which feature everything from wheelchair ramps to walk-in bathtubs.

AirBnB Accessibility features

When booking with AirBnB, make sure to filter via 'Accessibility features'.

Note: whether you book with a hotel or AirBnB, it helps to book far in advance to ensure you enjoy a wider choice.

Check the weather

Ohio's varied climate make for dramatic winters and perfect summers, often serving to highlight the state's famous scenery.

Unfortunately, the ever-changing weather can cause difficulties for wheelchair users. Trails such as the Hinckley Lake Inner Loop which may ordinarily be accessible for a variety of wheelchair users may not be with ice or snow.

While some seasons offer greater predictability than others, it's always worth checking well in-advance.

See you soon!

Traveling with a wheelchair in Ohio can be fun and safe. It helps to do some research in advance.

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