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The Benefits of a Custom Wheelchair | Ohio

A custom wheelchair is adapted and modified to accommodate an individual's specific disability. Customizations can include advanced technology to help ensure comfort and mobility.

Custom wheelchairs are a vital tool in ensuring the mobility, comfort and health of wheelchair users.

With a seemingly-endless number of modifications and adaptations available, custom wheelchairs can include special frames, controls, backrests, cushions and head-arrays.

The process for being evaluated for and receiving a custom wheelchair - which may be referred to as Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) - can be complicated, but it has the potential to transform lives.

Here, we review just a few of the numerous benefits that custom wheelchair users may find:

Increase in Function

For many users, a wheelchair is far more than a device for conveyance: it can also aid them in a wide-range of activities: from the ambitious, such as extreme sports, to the everyday, like cooking and cleaning.

Any number of modifications can be added to ensure maximum function, including seat elevation.

The process for being assessed for a custom wheelchair often requires input from a doctor, therapist and an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP). This includes a thorough analysis of an individual's specific disability and an understanding of their lifestyle and requirements.

Injury Avoidance

Unfortunately, long term wheelchair use has been linked to a number of chronic injuries such as back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as pressure sores.

Custom wheelchairs can avoid, delay or reduce such injuries, due to features like tailored headrests, backrests and supportive cushioning, which improve posture, alignment and equal distribution of pressure points.

Lightweight materials, the ability to minimize the size of the frame and increase its rigidity also ensure efficient movement.

Easier Transfers

While many of the benefits of a customization are provided by the device itself, the user enjoys the added bonus of being able to easily transfer in-and-out of the wheelchair for activities such as driving, swimming, or flying.

Modifications such as swing leg rests and tailored ride-height settings can help with transfers, increasing the independence of users, and decreasing their reliance on attendant care support.

Express Individuality

Many people view their wheelchair as an extension of themselves and an indispensable device that guarantees their mobility and independence.

That's why the ability to customize the appearance of a wheelchair is considered so important: users can choose colors, covers and accessories which reflect their individuality.

NPL is the leading provider of customized complex rehabilitation technology solutions within Ohio. Our expert team of Assistive Technology Professionals collaborate with every individual patient, their therapist and health care provider to develop a wheelchair solution that addresses each of their unique conditions and challenges.

To speak to a wheelchair consultant at NPL Home Medical - Ohio's custom wheelchair experts - click here.


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