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How to Get Outdoors as a Wheelchair User This Summer in Ohio

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park Summer Wheelchair Ohio
Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, Ohio

With summer, sun and extended daylight should come a sense of adventure and a desire to venture outdoors to make the most of the season.

And whilst previously this may have been challenging to realize for wheelchair users, the increasing availability of wheelchair-accessible facilities and attractions means that the great outdoors holds something for everyone.

In this blog, we'll provide essential tips on what to pack for your outdoor adventures, whether you plan to hit the trails or simply spend a day in the sun and suggest some locations and events that maximise accessibility.

Don't forget the essentials

Before embarking on your outdoor adventure, it's essential to consider the items that will ensure a seamless and stress-free experience. Here are a few items we recommend:

  • A wireless battery for your cell phone. With battery life on modern phones leaving a lot to be desired and the greater potential for trouble in outdoor areas away from major towns or cities, it's important to be able to call for help should something happen

  • Sunscreen, water or a poncho. Come rain or shine, you'll be glad to have packed enough to protect yourself from the elements. A rain cover for your wheelchair can also protect some of its more vital components like the controller or joystick.

  • Portable urinals. The more remote you go, the less likely you are to encounter wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Several brands including Uriwell and TravelJohn offer wheelchair users discrete solutions.

  • Portable wheelchair transfer. If you're visiting the beach or a pool, you may benefit from a portable wheelchair sling helping you to transfer between wheelchairs or devices.

Do your research

At NPL Home Medical, we've done our best to research wheelchair-accessible activities and create guides for becoming more active as a wheelchair user. Here are some previous blogs you may find helpful.

In our latest guide to wheelchair-accessible activities, we list Cuyahoga Valley National Park and list the wheelchair-accessible paths the park has to offer. Read more here.

Ohio has no end of wheelchair-accessible watersports available to try including adaptive water skiing, kayaking and paddle-boarding. Read more here.

How to Exercise as a Wheelchair User | Ohio

In our guide to exercising as a wheelchair user, we list a number of organisations that offer wheelchair-accessible activities and exercises including swimming. Read more here.

Discover wheelchair-accessible beaches in Ohio

Whilst Ohio isn't known for its endless shorelines, Lake Erie offers no end of stunning beaches, many of which are wheelchair accessible including:

Make friends

Whilst each wheelchair user is different, joining groups of other wheelchair users and organized activities has a number of benefits such as the ability to spread the cost of specialized equipment and work with experienced instructors.

Many organisations in Ohio offer a wide range of adaptive sports and activities to wheelchair users.

These groups also offer the opportunity to expand your social circle and make friends with like-minded individuals.


Summer is coming and it's the perfect time to head outdoors. Ohio holds no end of opportunities to get out and enjoy the sunshine: make sure you do your research and pack all your essentials to make the most of the months ahead.


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